About Livethefaith.net


We are so glad you have come to visit us! Live The Faith Ministries is all about Living The Faith each day. Sometimes you might hear someone say “keep the faith.” To us that suggests that you might lose your faith if you don’t hang on to it tight, but if you Live The Faith daily by living in faith that God is in control and beside you doing what he said he would, then you will not lose your faith. We are not saying that you will not have any bad days where you feel down or that you will not have to endure any trials, without those in our lives there is no spiritual strength gained, but we are saying Live each day with the knowledge that God loves you and has given you promises and will, in his time, fulfill each of those promises. How else can we make it through? Only by Living The Faith and trusting in God!

It is our prayer that God will bless you each day!

Brother Vishwa & Sister Amy