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Are you easily distracted during your prayer time? I know I can be.
While reading a morning devotion about how Jesus got away an prayed, the author talked about how she wondered if Jesus ever got distracted like we do, if His mind wondered or not. She said she then realized He probably didn’t because Jesus was always in the “presence” of His father when He prayed. She then went on to say that to keep her mind from distraction during her prayer time she began to imagine God drawing near to her and leaning over to hear what she had to say.
I thought, what if we sat at a table with a chair opposite of us and invited God to sit with us while we pray. Then, either journal our prayer to Him, looking up at that seat to remind us whose company we are in, (this would work especially if in a place where you do not have a time of solitude by yourself as well. Journaling is your conversation with God that no one else can hear) or pray while looking at that empty chair. Read the word out loud with God sitting at the table with you. It’s okay to have your tea or juice, because this is you and your heavenly “Dad” just sitting together, praying together and talking about what is in your heart.
Step out of your comfort zone and try something new…. It might be awkward, but you may draw even closer to God.

One thought on “Sit Down With Jesus

  1. Lets put it this way.If your dad had 10 kids, and they were all his, would there still be only one father? Jesus is Gods son. Created by him. (and mary too)Kind of like you are your Fathers Daughter/Son. Created by him. (and your mom too)

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